Experiential Learning

Our team takes an intentional, experiential approach to learning. With any concept we share with you and your team, we go far beyond the traditional approach to rote learning which typically involves hearing and memorizing information without necessarily understanding the underlying concepts or actively engaging with the subject matter. Just like bold and deep conversations, we also value bold and deep learning.

Our learning process involves:

Active Participation

Your team is encouraged to be actively involved in the learning process rather than passively receiving information. This involvement can take the form of hands-on activities, simulations, group projects, fieldwork and other interactive experiences.


After engaging in the experience, team members are prompted to reflect on what they have learned, what challenges they faced, and how they can apply the new knowledge in various contexts. Reflection helps to deepen the learning and extract meaningful insights from the experience.

Real-world Application

We focus on real-world application of knowledge and skills by placing your team in situations that mirror real-life scenarios so they can develop problem-solving abilities and understand the relevance of what they are learning.

Individualized Learning

We recognize and celebrate that each member of your team has different backgrounds, preferences, beliefs and learning styles. Our goal is to empower them to pursue learning in ways that suit them best, tailoring the experience to meet their specific needs.

Constructive Feedback

Throughout the experiential learning process, your team will receive feedback from coaches, peers or mentors. Feedback helps them identify areas of improvement, build on their strengths, and refine their understanding.

Everyone deserves a chance
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My mission is empowering others to believe in themselves through perseverance, humor and compassion.