Company Culture Development

Creating a company culture is a deeply unique and personal journey for you and your company. It requires careful planning, implementation and continuous monitoring to ensure that it is effective and aligns with the goals and values of your organization.

Meredith and her team can guide you from the ground up or help you fine-tune and continue to move forward wherever you are in the process. Here are the steps to consider:

Define Your Company's Values

Establish the company’s core values that should guide your organization’s behavior, decision-making and actions.

Develop Your Mission Statement

Create a mission statement that aligns with your company’s values and purpose and clearly communicates the organization’s goals and objectives.

Assess Your Current Culture

Conduct a culture audit to identify your company’s culture and what aspects need improvement or reinforcement.

Involve Employees

Involve employees in creating your company’s culture by soliciting their opinions, feedback and buy-in, as well as encouraging their participation in implementing your new culture.

Develop Policies and Procedures

Develop policies and procedures that reflect your company’s values and mission statement and ensure that they are applied consistently throughout the organization.

Hire for Cultural Fit

Hire employees who share your company’s values and align with the mission statement and culture.

Communicate and Reinforce Your Culture

Communicate your company’s culture and values to all employees through various channels such as employee handbooks, orientation sessions, training, and regular updates. Also, reinforce your culture through recognition and reward programs.

Creating your company culture requires time, effort and commitment. Let Meredith and her team help!

You will improve employee morale, productivity and retention, as well as enhance your organization’s reputation and competitiveness.

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