Peer Groups

Are you feeling isolated and alone amidst the barrage of decisions you make as a company leader?

Do you wish for someone to talk to for new perspectives and feedback? You may view yourself as the one providing the answers, but where can you turn when you need comradery, support and new ideas from those who have walked your path before?

First Dimension

Tap into the power of Meredith’s Vistage Peer Groups. Each circle of 16 peers, highly curated personally by Meredith, offers a three-dimensional approach to learning and development. Creating space for transformation in a highly confidential environment, your new peer group provides an unparalleled team experience in bringing different perspectives and experiences together from leaders of companies ranging from 1 million dollars to 1 billion dollars in revenue. Your peer group forces you to get out of your head and look beyond the one correct answer that often resides there. Through feedback and sharing of ideas, the group will expand your thinking to include new possibilities based on experiences shared by your teammates who genuinely care about your growth and achievement of your desired goals. In addition, you will have access to an incredible resource network of 26,000 other Vistage peers across the country and worldwide.

Second Dimension

The second dimension of your learning will occur in your monthly 1-1 coaching conversations with Meredith in which her caring is palpable, her knowledge deep and her intuition totally spot on. You won’t doubt that Meredith gets you. She achieves all of this via her creation of insightful, powerful questions and her fine-tuned listening of you. You’ll feel heard in a way like never before.

Third Dimension

The third component brings even broader learning to you with continuous expert national speakers. Stay plugged into new and innovative businesses through leaders that have achieved worldwide respect.

Take that step into Meredith’s world of bold conversations and bold results. Let’s talk.

Everyone deserves a chance
to better themselves!

My mission is empowering others to believe in themselves through perseverance, humor and compassion.