Meet the Team

Pam LaBauve

Executive Coach

An entrepreneur at heart, Pam LaBauve has focused her professional life in the realms of real estate, retail shop/gallery ownership, sales, and sales management on a national director level. Fifteen years ago, after experiencing the life-changing benefits of coaching while navigating a divorce, Pam discovered her purpose and became passionate about sharing the power of mindfulness and self-awareness to empower others to live successfully and peacefully on their own terms. An astute listener with a palpable sense of acceptance, Pam thrives on a deeper journey that is based upon recognizing the unique possibilities that exist around each of us but oftentimes are neither acknowledged nor embraced by us.

Applying her passion to business has been rewarding as Pam has shared the power of curiosity and a coaching mindset with her own sales teams, creating success. Ultimately, she shared her vision with other managers, directors, and C-suite members to empower them to create more cohesive and effective teams and management practices that generate greater retention and bottom-line results. Most recently, in the role of Empowerment Coach for a national organization of more than 200 employees nationwide, Pam’s current focal points are Change Management and Team Coaching. Whether working with Pam on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting, you and your team will gain insights and a roadmap for growth and success in the future.

Laurie Riquelmy

Executive Coach

In the last 25 years, Laurie Riquelmy has successfully mentored, coached, and trained
thousands of CEOs and business leaders. Laurie is adept at helping leaders:
· Identify and break through hidden or unconscious obstacles so that they can be
peaceful, satisfied, and fulfilled and become the best leaders they can be.
· Create BlameFree relationships and cultures so that their teams are cohesive,
collaborative, and productive.
· Create stronger, more bonded teams where employees feel a sense of contribution
and ownership thinking, resulting in longevity and an environment where they want to
· Increase intimacy and connection in their personal relationships.
Laurie’s experience includes:
· More than 7200 hours Mentoring and Coaching CEOs and business leaders
· Trained over 3,000 people in transformational, deep learning, and relationship
· 10+ years leading CEO Peer Groups focusing on the Dynamics of Effective
· Developed over 100 transformational workshops, processes, and exercises
· Raising a gifted, strong-willed teenage daughter
Laurie is ready to work with you if you are a leader who truly wants to be your best
and build an organization where people are excited to come to work and at the same
time develop a stronger, more connected relationship at home.

Ashley Eicher

Success Squad
The person that keeps our organization running!

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