About Meredith

My journey began during my 20+ year career as a founder and partner in an accounting and tax practice. I knew something had to change for my business to really succeed. And the one thing—the only thing—I knew I could change for certain was me. Change would have to start with me.

I was an awful boss and partner. While successful on the bottom line and in client count; the corporate culture, employee development, business processes and relationships were lackluster. I had always been considered a good, effective leader. I was well-liked. And yet, I recognized that something was “off” both personally and within the company. That was my first step in self-awareness, which led me to explore the idea of working with an executive coach. That process led to additional and more intensive professional development, invaluable self-discovery, and intensive studies in leadership—all (predictably) resulting in positive reverberations and impact throughout the company.

With coaching, came significant personal and professional transformation. This was what was missing in the workplace! I set out on a five year journey to learn and hone specific skills based on my own experience. For example, I have refined my abilities to hear the unspoken and call-out ineffective behavior. I have developed effective ways to help leaders coax and promote change, resulting in improved organizational performance.

In coaching sessions—one-to-one or in group/team settings—I create a space with care, where people feel completely open to discuss important issues or confront a challenging topic. It is this caring and safe space that offers the greatest opportunity for growth. In these sessions, participants gain a sense of commitment, accountability, and effective communications tools. With my guidance, corporate leaders make better decisions based on balanced outcomes and effective conversations—sometimes altering corporate hierarchy and organizational structure and processes, leading to increased growth and revenue.

Through team retreats, one-on-one coaching sessions, and round table discussions, I utilize my unique skills to help you increase your ability to be a successful leader. My process empowers individuals to believe in themselves, develop greater self-awareness and leave an impressive professional legacy. Through bold conversations, I achieve bold results.

My Approach
to coaching

As a coach, my role requires me to be an effective, engaged listener focused on identifying ineffective behavior and transforming it into beneficial practices.
Strategic Planning
Safe Environment
Personal Development
Decision Making

My Process

Throughout every step in our relationship I aim to facilitate improvements and encourage beneficial results.
Identify your goals
Find the Answers
Create a Plan
Achieve success

See How Meredith
Has Helped Others

I take immense pleasure in the people I've helped and what they've accomplished.

“Meredith is a highly skilled listener, often hearing more than what is being said. She couples that with the patience and the wisdom to know when and how to press vs give space. Self-discovery and the revelation of blind spots is a wonderful and extremely taxing journey; Mer has been like a Sherpa for me, guiding and challenging me when I needed a push, and soft and encouraging when I needed a friend.  If you are ready to unlock your potential and you want more peace in your life, sprint, don’t walk to Meredith Eicher.”

Robbie Olivier

“I initially hired Meredith because no one at my office had the capacity to deal with the major battles I faced as the leader of our company.  She quickly established herself with me as an authority in all things regarding executive development. Her ability to make the complex simple and the uncomfortable comfortable is unmatched by anyone I’ve met.  Her advice and counsel to me has deeply improved my personal relationships which has in turn impacted my approach as a leader in the office. Three words for anyone considering hiring Meredith. Worth. Every. Penny.”

Manville Borne

“Working with Meredith has been a life changing experience for me and everyone around me. She has positively affected every portion of my life, from company growth to spiritual health. Due to Meredith’s confidence in my abilities, I’m now a leader in my professional organization and unbelievable opportunities consistently appear because of our relationship.”

Chad Heiser

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