Management & Leadership Training

Do you take someone who has done an excellent job and then promote them to manage others to do that same job and excel? Are they trained to be the kind of manager your culture expects and deserves? Or are they left to figure it out, ultimately creating frustration for themselves and costing your company time and money?

Meredith’s team provides this training to help managers reach their next level while in sync with your company culture. Which of these topics resonate with you?

  • Achieving a Coaching Management Mindset
  • What Does Leadership Look Like?
  • Creating Psychological Safety 
  • Accountability as a Virtue
  • Communication Skills Toolbox
  • Navigating Change
  • Effective 1-1’s
Transform Your Leadership Journey, Management & Leadership Training

Want to drive better results for your organization by becoming a better version of yourself? Let’s talk so we can design a custom platform for you.

Sales Training

We live in a world of metrics, and the numbers determine success in sales. What happens if your team isn’t hitting the numbers? Rather than blaming managers and scrapping salespeople you have invested in, we can utilize coaching to help them shift their mindsets and focus on what is keeping them from moving forward successfully. We can make a positive shift in your organization. Which of the following topics speaks to you?

  • The Mindset of a Winner
  • Declare Your Success
  • Sales Activities vs. Results: Are your priorities aligned?
  • Goal vs. Results: Where is the gap?
  • Leveraging Your Manager and Team
  • Self-Coaching for Success

With each module, we request engagement, honesty and vulnerability from your sales team. This experiential process, including accountability, creates the space for transformation—in thought, in confidence and in achievement.

Everyone deserves a chance
to better themselves!

My mission is empowering others to believe in themselves through perseverance, humor and compassion.