Meredith Eicher





1 - 1 Executive Coaching

Meredith asks questions no one else dares to ask, discovering and uncovering different and deeper perspectives, helping you face challenges head-on.


Meredith develops trust, builds awareness, and stimulates effective communications among your team members—helping you achieve measurable results, minus “the drama.”

Off-Site Interactions

Meredith fosters deeper connections, trust levels, and personal and professional commitment through off-site coaching, activities, and conversation.

CEO Roundtable

Meredith carefully curates and convenes a close-knit table of company CEOs— ensuring each member is committed to personal and organizational growth – that is open to sharing vulnerabilities and helping one another develop leadership skills and achieve organizational successes.

How You Can
Grow With Meredith

Meredith Eicher

Personal Empowerment

Meredith’s challenging, no-nonsense approach will help you believe in yourself and move beyond obstacles.

Meredith Eicher

Purposeful Agenda

Meredith will assist you in determining your personal and professional growth needs, as well as those of your company.

Meredith Eicher

Confidential, Client-focused Interactions

Meredith’s interactions are confidential and non-judgmental—founded on client devotion and loyalty.

Meredith Eicher

Tackling the Hard Stuff

Meredith’s direct approach promotes bold conversations—a result of her expertise in listening for the unspoken.

"My mission is empowering others to believe in themselves through perseverance, humor and compassion."
Meredith Eicher
My mission has been to make quality life coaching affordable and available to anyone who strives to live their ideal life. Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or most often, both.

See How Meredith
Has Helped Others

I take immense pleasure in the people I've helped and what they've accomplished.

“Meredith is a highly skilled listener, often hearing more than what is being said. She couples that with the patience and the wisdom to know when and how to press vs give space. Self-discovery and the revelation of blind spots is a wonderful and extremely taxing journey; Mer has been like a Sherpa for me, guiding and challenging me when I needed a push, and soft and encouraging when I needed a friend.  If you are ready to unlock your potential and you want more peace in your life, sprint, don’t walk to Meredith Eicher.”

Robbie Oliver

“I initially hired Meredith because no one at my office had the capacity to deal with the major battles I faced as the leader of our company.  She quickly established herself with me as an authority in all things regarding executive development. Her ability to make the complex simple and the uncomfortable comfortable is unmatched by anyone I’ve met.  Her advice and counsel to me has deeply improved my personal relationships which has in turn impacted my approach as a leader in the office. Three words for anyone considering hiring Meredith. Worth. Every. Penny.”

Manville Borne

“Working with Meredith has been a life changing experience for me and everyone around me. She has positively affected every portion of my life, from company growth to spiritual health. Due to Meredith’s confidence in my abilities, I’m now a leader in my professional organization and unbelievable opportunities consistently appear because of our relationship.”

Chad Heiser

The Whole is Greater
than the Sum of the Parts

As an executive coach, Meredith uses her extensive training, business experience, and unyielding passion to bring out the best in people. Her gift is cultivating those beneficial attributes that have been dormant. These elements and interests combine to place Meredith in an advantageous, high-impact position to help you and your business expand capacity and improve results.
Retreats spur team communication, trust and loyalty.
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Number of Roundtable Groups
These groups supply a safe space for leaders to exchange ideas, process opportunities and discuss concerns.
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Certificates and Awards
Becoming certified in multiple coaching areas allows me to help you achieve the results you want.
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Years of Business Experience
My past experiences help me steer you in the right direction.

Best Practices and Ready Resources

Meredith uses a variety of invaluable business, psychological, and social science tools and philosophies to encourage awareness and promote personal growth and professional development. Examples include: Ontological Coaching, DiSC and 5 Cohesive Behaviors of a Team, to name a few.

Come Have Tea
with ME

Join me on a journey of growth, self-improvement and empowerment for a transformative experience ranging from your business to personal life.