When I first started my business, it was literally not planned.  I was in a state of transition, turmoil and honestly…. shock. A friend of my Dad asked me if I would balance his business checkbook for $30 a month in 1994. I thought, well…..ok. . This was not with the idea that I would start an accounting and tax practice per se. Someone then lent me a computer and “gave me” a pirated copy of QuickBooks and so it began.

I had no plan. I say plan and I mean nothing…. absolutely NO plan. No vision. No real idea of purpose. No Core Values. No marketing plan, nada. I started talking to people and found that I could instill trust quickly; however,  I fumbled around figuring things out  and 7 years later, I took on a partner and continued to fumble around despite some success. I mean we had 6 or so employees and yet something was just not right. It wasn’t until I experienced a coach that true transformation began. This is where I began to see what was possible. Clarity began to emerge. What was my highest and best use? What were my blind spots?  How was I really showing up to my partner? My staff? My clients? What did I need to let go of to really explode? Where did I need to get out of the way? What else was possible?

These were all questions and thoughts that it was time I began answering. When I finally allowed someone to peak behind the curtain and have those conversations, the growth began.

The coach became the perturber….the one who asked the questions and yet who also held the space for me to pull back the curtain. The coach became the one that could see what I could not see for myself.

It was then that I was able to transform and grow the company and the culture.

Whether you lead or own a $1M company or $1B company, those questions of what is missing will persist.

Let’s talk and see what is nagging at you. Let me peek at your thoughts and see what is possible.